Elias Kahuadi

Born and bred Namibian...

I grew up in Windhoek but spent most of the school holidays at my grandparent’s farm.  With my cousins, I looked after the livestock, and I guess that is where my love for nature was born.

After high school, I went to neighbouring Botswana for further studies.  Back then, opportunities were limited in Namibia – unless you were coming from a wealthy family, which was not my case.  Armed with a diploma in Theology, I was ordained a clergyman and started working in the local community in various capacities.

During this transition phase of my life, I gained a lot of experience in working with people.


After all, the combination of my love for nature during my childhood and the religious background of working with people, finally led me to tourism.  From the very bottom I worked my way up – through different areas of the tourism industry – and gathered a wealth of experience in customer service. 

Over the years, my love for outdoors and nature ingrained deeply within the tourism industry.  That is why I served for more than 17 years as a professional tour guide with one of the best upmarket tour operators.  As time went by, I upgraded to freelance tour guiding to have a flexible work schedule and offer the best to my own customers.  This however doubled up as I took an initiative to enter the market as a tour operator and this is when Meerkat Safaris was born.